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Our Measures Against COVID-19?

WHO Recommended Protective Gears

Our executives will eter your home/office, only after wearing WHO recommended protective gears, covering him head to toe.

Safety Measures

Our executives are trained on all safety measures as per WHO guidelines and use sanitized equipment & tools.

Daily Temperature Check

Our executive will be checked for temperature everyday

Arogya Setu APP

Our executives will display their status in their Arogya Setu APP before entering your premises.



Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 640
Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1360
Home deep Cleaning Rs. 3680
Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/Sqft

Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 640
Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1360
Home deep Cleaning Rs. 4480
Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/Sqft

Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 640
Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1360
Home deep Cleaning Rs. 5280
Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/Sqft

Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 640
Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1360
Home deep Cleaning Rs. 7680
Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/Sqft

Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 640
Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1360
Home deep Cleaning Rs. 9280
Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/Sqft

Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 800
Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1600
Home deep Cleaning Rs. 10880
Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/Sqft
Aditional Services

Home/Office Sanitisation Re. 1/sqft
Sofa Cleaning(Leather) Rs. 400/seat
Sofa Cleaning(Fabric) Rs. 200/seat
Carpet Cleaning Rs. 30/sqft.
Wall Cleaning Rs. 2/sqft.
Fridge Cleaning Rs. 500
Mattress Cleaning (Single) Rs. 800
Mattress Cleaning (double) Rs. 1400
Scope of the Service

Bathroom Cleaning
(2-3 Hrs)

Deep Cleaning of Floor WC Seat and Washbasin.

Deep Cleaning of all bathroom fittings using professional grade cleaning solutions.

Cleaning of mirrors, windows, doors, exhaust fan and geyser exteriors.

Bathroom deep cleaning does not necessitate the removal of hard core stains on tiles & rust on fittings

Chemical: Professional grade chemicals by Taski

Equipment Used - Hard Cloth Duster, Scrubber, Soft Broom and Toilet Brush.

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Kitchen Cleaning
(2-3 Hrs)

Cleaning of windows and ventilators, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, kitchen tiles and switchboards

Oil removal Procedure, Sink and Wash Zone

Gas Hobs/ Burners & Chimney Hoods

Kitchen Appliances like Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Oven externally

Equipment Used - Hard Cloth Duster, Scrubber, Soft Broom and KItchen Brush

Cleaning of storage cabinets

Cleaning of utensils is not included.

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Home/Office Sanitisation
(4-6 Hrs)

Our executives wear full-body protective gear and carry required equipment with them.

The entire space is fumigated/ sprayed with a special device, every corner and surface is covered.

EPA recommended hospital-grade chemicals are used,known to kill disease casing viruses,bacteria.

All high-frequency touchpoints of the office/home(Door handles/switces etc) are sanitized thoroghly y

The service is compleetly safe and ensure the highest standard of hygiene.

The area can be used after one hour of servce completion.
Exclusions-Sanitization of interiors(cupboard,drawrs, appliances), movement of furniture for sanitization.

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Full Home Deep Cleaning
(6-7 Hrs)

Kitchen - Deep Cleaning of external surfaces, cabinets and appliance exteriors

Bathroom - Deep cleaning of floor, WC seat, sink, fittings and walls

Living Room, Dining Room And Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of floor, windows, furniture and light fittings

Dry vacuum cleaning of sofa, carpets, and curtains.

Equipment Used - Single Disk Machine (As per requirement), Vaccum Cleaner, Scotch Brite Scrubber, Small Wipers, Bucket, Mugs, Toilet Brush

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We're young, qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds, who have come together to form a team determined to create a turning point in the Indian laundry industry. The founding team has more than 20 years of experience in managing the home services, in India and abroad. Supported by a marketing team that has pioneered some of the most iconic brand journeys for over 20 years.